Today more and more high-tech electronics are used such as the latest smartphones in your pocket, the thin, Ultra-thin laptops on your desk, and the ultra-high definition television on your wall. As electronics get faster, thinner and more powerful, the thermal challenges are more demanding than ever. The heat source is distributed in the charging module, six-cell aluminum battery, keyboard, PCB, PCU, LCD substrate board, side frame, and receiving signal terminals.

The thermal and electrical properties of graphite materials have a very significant heterogeneity. Through special preparation, the sheet structure can achieve thermal conductivity up to 1800W/MK in the XY plane, and the vertical thermal conductivity to 20-30W/MK on Z-axis, which is 4-6 times as much as common copper aluminum foil. For products with demanding design space, heat dissipation is the core issue.

Thin and light graphite sheet has the ability to effectively spread heat and is an ideal choice for cost effective thermal management. 

Today's smart phones face unique challenge of heat treatment. The thermal processor they contain must be cooled, the shell of phones has strict touch temperature limitation, and the display must be protected from hot spots and thermal gradients. All these must be solved by thin and efficient heat-transfer products. With the largest range of graphite sheet application, the thermal solutions can be solved to meet the high performance demands of the industry.
The demand for high-performance heat spreaders becomes more urgent as the tablets and Ultrabooks become thinner and lighter. The thermal processor needs cooling, and the shell’s hot spot must be eliminated. All these must be done by thin and efficient heat-transfer products. With the widest range of ultra-high performance pyrolytic graphite sheets, we have the right thermal solutions to meet the performance needs of the industry.
For LED/ LED display, uneven heating is a main cause of color aberration and blurred pictures. And these bad pictures may be seen everywhere on the display or even in the corners. For OLED displays, the non-uniform heat can cause uneven aging of the display, resulting in a noticeable color distortion. High performance graphite sheets can prevent these problems and achieve high quality pictures.
The battery module must be safe, lightweight and compact for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Using traditional aluminum for heat dissipation will make the battery become thick and heavy. While graphite film directly replaces aluminum and the graphite film can cool the cells during normal charge/discharge operation and to prevent propagation in the event of a cell failure.
In recent years, electronic products are made to be lightweight, thin, short and small. While how to solve the heat dissipation effectively is one of the key factors to evaluate the materials in the case of the constant output power of the products. The heat dissipation paste and thermal conductive tape are only able to achieve 70% efficiency at present. But the graphite heat dissipation sheet can increase the heat dissipation efficiency to nearly 90%.
To solve the heat accumulation of electromagnetic wave emitter in enclosed space