How to build the most luxurious cooling system?
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In many cases, the heat dissipation of mobile phones directly affects the computing performance, charging time and downloads speed. If the heat dissipation is not ideal, it will restrict the performance of mobile phone. On the contrary, a reasonable and efficient heat dissipation structure will become the power of high-speed operation of mobile phones.


The MI phone 10 series has made a new layout and many optimizations in terms of heat dissipation. A variety of heat dissipation materials regardless of cost have built the most luxurious heat dissipation system of MI phone at present.


With a large area of VC, graphene and multi-layer graphite to form a three-dimensional heat dissipation system and a matrix temperature sensor, the MI phone10 series can provide a cool and smooth use experience in high load computing games, fast charging and 5G high-speed download.


Probably the most luxurious cooling system of MI Phone

Mi Phone 10 series adopts excellent heat dissipating material Vapor chamber, and is the largest VC of MI phone at present---the large area VC of 3000mm.

The working principle of VC is to change the phase change material from liquid to gas to absorb heat. When the heat is transferred from the heat source to the VC cavity, the cooling liquid in the cavity will vaporize and absorb heat after being heated. The volume will expand rapidly and fill the whole cavity. When it contacts the low temperature area, it will produce the phenomenon of liquefaction. By releasing the heat absorbed before condensation, the cooled liquid will return through the wick Flow to heat source area.

The VC of MI phone10 series covers SOC, power management chip and 5G chip area, extending to the whole battery compartment. Moreover, in terms of structural design, the traditional mobile phone VC only contacts the edge with the middle frame, and the heat transfer efficiency is relatively limited.


Mi phone10 is customized and optimized on the stacking structure. Large area contact is adopted between VC and the middle frame, which greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency and facilitates the rapid heat transfer of VC to the middle frame for heat dissipation.


The large-area VC soaking plate of 3000mm2, combined with the full hot spot coverage layout and large-area middle frame contact, greatly improves the heat dissipation capacity of high load operation, fast charging and 5G high-speed download, quickly takes away the core heat, and efficiently heats up the MI Phone10 series at all times.


In addition to the large area Vapor chamber, MI Phone10 series also has six layers of graphite sheets built in as a supplement to heat dissipation, so that the overall temperature of the mobile phone is more uniform. The internal graphite coverage of the mobile phone is more than 70% of that of the whole machine, and the large area graphite sheet on the back completely covers the whole back plate, and at the same time covers the upper and lower voice cavities. And around the key heating parts, MI phone10 has added independent graphite heat dissipation cover, for example, adding double-layer graphite under the camera to specifically heat the camera, and providing special graphite around the flash.

In addition, Mi Phone10 uses a large number of copper foil and heat conducting gel inside, and the heat dissipation capability covers every little detail inside the machine. With the large area of VC, graphene and 6 layers of graphite structure, the upper and lower sandwich structure of the motherboard is formed, forming a three-dimensional and efficient omnidirectional heat dissipation system, which greatly improves the heat dissipation ability of the Mi Phone10.


Unprecedented precise temperature control strategy

As most players know, the frequency will be reduced if the phone is hot. Most of the performance strategies of mobile phone are based on temperature, so temperature measurement is very important. It should be more accurate, more delicate and more reasonable!


Mi Phone10 series has built-in matrix type temperature sensor, and multiple temperature sensors are arranged inside the machine, which can accurately sense the temperature of 5G chip, CPU, camera, battery, charging interface and other different areas, and realize the real-time monitoring of the temperature of each area of the mobile phone.

Not only that, relying on multiple internal temperature sensors, MI Phone10 adopts the temperature control strategy based on AI machine learning. It conducts thermal test on more than 20 user scenarios in the laboratory. After recording the instantaneous temperature change, it establishes a mathematical model for hundreds of thousands of temperature sampling data, constructs the surface temperature of mobile phones in different scenarios and establishes the shell temperature model through machine learning. Through the real-time temperature data of different areas of the mobile phone, the most appropriate AI temperature control model is matched, and the temperature control strategy of the whole machine is reasonably deployed to make the temperature control of the mobile phone more accurate and delicate.


Luxury heat dissipation hardware configuration and intelligent temperature control software algorithm make mi phone10 series efficiently heat dissipation in the process of high-speed operation, fast charging, 5G high-speed download, etc., give full play to the full range of powerful performance of MI Phone10 series, and also provide cool and refreshing holding temperature experience