Installation and application scheme of CPU thermal conductive silicone pad
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CPU high-performance thermal silicone pad in the early product design has considered the convenience of product installation and operation.

First of all, the thermal conductive silica gel sheet is coated by two layers of release film, which is to avoid the contact of dust and water vapor during the processing and transportation, resulting in the material can not be used normally. In particular, this packaging method is adopted. When we assemble and install the thermal conductive silicone pad, we need to peel off one layer of the release film. If the two sides of the release film are not the same thickness, due to the small size of the CPU, the customer is generally advised to tear off the thick release film first!


Secondly, after peeling off the thick release film, gently stick the material on the surface of CPU and press it gently with hand. The material can adhere to the surface of CPU and exhaust the air between material and CPU surface to the greatest extent. So as to reduce the thermal resistance of the material, increase the contact area and improve the effect of heat conduction.

Finally, peel off the thinner release film on the other side, and press the radiator gently on the surface of the thermal conductive silicone pad. Then use screws and fasteners to fix it. Through the fixed function of screw and fastener, the thermal conductive silica gel sheet will be compressed after compression. Air is removed from the surface of the material to reduce thermal resistance.