Design services and quality assurance of heat sink
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1. Scheme design: customers provide power, space size requirements and thermal efficiency objectives. Suzhou Dasen Electronics Material Co., Ltd. (Dasen) provides product design and development, and it is estimated that the first version of the scheme will be provided in 2-3 days.


 2. Simulation: the customer selects the design scheme, and Dasen can provide the single heat dissipation module or the whole machine product simulation, and provide the simulation report.


3. Sample proofing: the customer confirms the design scheme and enters the proofing process. The heat pipe radiator proofing takes 15-18 days, and the urgent sample can be finished in 7-10 days.


4. Sample test: Dasen can meet all kinds of thermal efficiency test, size test report, reliability test report and other related reports.

5. Project control / mold opening cycle: Before the start of the project, the mold opening schedule control table will be made, and special personnel will be assigned to control the overall progress of the model. In the factory, vapor chamber / heat pipe / stamping parts / aluminum extrusion processing and other full process materials can be opened. Generally, the mold opening cycle of welding type with heat pipe is 3 ~ 4 weeks.

6. Trial and mass production: Dasen can cooperate with customers in various stages of sample proofing test, product delivery before the heat, tube Qmax 100% test, heat pipe temperature difference 100% test, module assembly, after effect 100% secondary full inspection, appearance 100% inspection, size 100% inspection, fan function 100% full test..


Outward appearance check : 100%

Dimension inspection :100%

Performance testing :100%