How long is the service life of thermal conductive silicon film?
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Thermal silica gel pad is a kind of thermal interface material which will not cause short circuit. It is mainly composed of silica gel and metal oxide. The thermal conductive silicon pad on the market has a wide range of applications, which can be used in communication, electronics, medical and other industries. The market demand for this kind of better thermal conductive medium is very large, but some people are not very familiar with the performance and use of thermal silicon pad. How long is the service life of the thermal pad? How to use it?

1 How long is the service life of thermal silicon pad?

Generally speaking, the service life of thermal conductive silicon pad is ten years or more, which is the average service life obtained from big data analysis. That is to say, according to the normal use steps of thermal pad, combined with its own insulation and shock absorption characteristics, basically there is no problem in using it for ten years. However, the service life of thermal pad will also change due to different materials and user losses produced by different manufacturers. Under the influence of these factors, it is possible to reduce or extend the service life. Of course, the uncontrollable factors that occur when the thermal pad is put into use will also affect its service life.

2 How to use the thermal pad?

Both sides of thermal conductive silicon pad have natural stickiness, so it is easy to use. Before starting to use, it is necessary to ensure that the use part (the contact surface between the heat sink and the heat source) is clean, which is to ensure the firmness of the thermal pad. Next, it's similar to sticking things. The specific steps are to tear off the film of thermal pad, cover it on the heat source, and then compress the heat dissipation surface. Almost all the products that need thermal pad have the same steps, which is more convenient and fast. If the section used is small, you can use scissors to cut to the appropriate size.

3 What are the advantages of silicon thermal pad?

When the thermal conductive silica gel pad is used in different electronic equipment, the size and function of the use will be distinguished.

a.    heat conduction

b.    insulation

c.     shock absorption

d.    sound absorption

e.    natural viscosity

f.     strong compression performance, which is very favorable for cutting and fixing in the process of use.

g.    seamless bonding can be achieved when filling the gap. Seamless fit also means that when filling will affect the heat conduction of the air extrusion, will not affect the use of machine heat conduction and heat dissipation.