The best thermal solution for 5G and 6G terminal heat dissipation
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In 2021, Jiangxi Dasen Technology Co., Ltd. broke through the technical problem of ultra thick PI sintering and produced thick graphite sheet with excellent performance. The thickness of single layer graphite sheet is as high as 100um.


The thick graphite sheet was sent to Samsung headquarters in South Korea, which has passed the performance test, and its average temperature effect is much lower than that of traditional multi-layer thick graphite sheet superposition. More symmetricaltemperature performance and better heat transfer performance were reached. Compared with heat pipe and VC, the production process of single-layer thick graphite sheet is simple, with high yield, high production efficiency, large size flexibility and short delivery time.



The single-layer thick graphite sheet with high performance and high reliability completely overcomes the disadvantages of high cost, complexity and low reliability of the multi-layer composite graphite sheet scheme.



Key index of single layer thick graphite sheet




Thermal conductivity (x-y axis)

Thermal diffusivity 













Why use single-layer thick graphite sheet?




* Reliability (no adhesive layer)

* Consistency

* Output (cost reduction)

* Less splicing (stopping)

* No additional inspection required

* Simplified production process

* More heat accumulation and heat buffering capacity, stronger and higher heat diffusion capacity, to avoid high temperature persistence;




* Thickness (100um)

* High performance (>800W/mK)

* Single layer instead of multiple layers

* Foldable/more flexible

* Thickness and performance can be adjusted

* Better conductivity


Application scenarios of thick graphite sheet:


Thick graphite sheet has excellent thermal diffusion characteristics, and its thermal conductivity can reach 1200w/mk. Compared with ultra-thin artificial graphite sheet, its heat conduction channel is doubled, and the heat dissipation efficiency is much higher than that of conventional thick graphite sheets on the market. Thick graphite sheet also has good flexibility, consistency, and good rework ability. It can be compounded with various film materials according to the purpose, and it can also be cut and punched into any shape, and can be bent many times to fully adapt to and meet the use space and location of various products. The thick graphite sheet can convert the point heat source to the surface heat source for rapid diffusion and solve the heat accumulation of the end product.