Heat dissipation scheme for electronic products – unmanned aerial vehicle
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With the development of science and technology, the market has higher and higher requirements on the performance of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), such as image transmission speed and clarity. However, as the volume of UAV should be as small as possible, it is increasingly difficult to design the cooling materials for its overall equipment.



The drone's two core components are the motor and the electric regulator (electronic governor). UAV flight is entirely driven by propeller or turbofan traction, the power to drive their rotation is from the motor, but the speed and power of the motor is controlled by electric regulation, so UAV can smooth flight electrical regulation is indispensable. If the electromotor is overheated and performance degrades, then the electromotor cannot control the motor speed well, and the flight controller cannot withstand such a large current. Therefore, to solve the UAV heat dissipation problem is a top priority.


UAV heat dissipation structure: connecting block, installation plate, heat dissipation plate, heat pipe, heat outlet. Heat pipes on both sides of the top heat dissipation plate; a heat exhaust port inside the heat dissipation plate, connecting block on both sides of the heat dissipation plate, mounting plates on both sides of the connecting block. The radiating plate includes radiating base plate, radiating fins, air inlet and air outlet. Radiating fins are set on both sides of the radiating base plate. The left side of the front end of the radiating base plate is connected with air inlet, the right side of the front end of the radiating base plate is connected with air outlet, and both sides of the radiating base plate are connected with the connecting block.




The layout of UAV motor and electric adjustment is often more compact. If the thermal silicone pad is used, it is inconvenient for the operator to take and install it because of the small size, and the thermal gel is better than the thermal pad in actual operation. The thermal conductive gel realizes automatic dispensing operation of the equipment, which is more suitable for the operation of modern high-tech production lines.


Thermal gel is mainly used for heat dissipation between the main board and the heat dissipation board. Heat conducting gel, heat pipe and heat outlet are used together. When in use, heat dissipating tube can effectively absorb heat inside UAV, and heat dissipating tube can quickly dissipate heat through heat outlet, so as to solve the phenomenon of poor heat dissipation effect.


Thermal gels are not as well known as thermal silicone sheets in the heat dissipation applications of drones and other electronic products, but thermal gels play a very important role in the iterations of UAV technology.