DSN HCD graphite sheet is used for heat dissipation of Samsung Galaxy S22
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Recently, Samsung officially announced the design story of Galaxy S22 series mobile phones. For the heat dissipation scheme, the HCD graphite heat sink of Desen is selected. Since Samsung adopted the graphite sheet program in 2014, Dasen has been one of the suppliers of Samsung's graphite sheet, providing Samsung with stable heat dissipation materials. This time, in order to maximize the heat dissipation effect of Samsung Galaxy S22, Dasen developed a high-carbon and high-density graphite spreading sheet. In the heat dissipation structure, HCD graphite sheet transfers and diffuses the heat from the vapor chamber which diffuses heat from horizontally away from the vapor chamber.


Sanmsung Galaxy S22 smart-phones are incredibly powerful. The more powerful the techology, the more energy it requires. And this energy is usually converted to heat. Therefore, excellent heat dissipation scheme and materials are essential. It requires innovations in heat transfer technology and materials, which is based on the principle of moving energy away from a heat source and spreading it out to maintain a controlled temperature. Galaxy S22 Ultra is equipped with an all-new structure made with new materials that deliver optimized heat dissipation. To make this possible, Samsung improved each part of the heat solution. Starting with the thermal interface material, a substance that improves heat transfer between surfaces. Samsung’s latest TIM (thermal interface material) was developed using a new, thicker type of gel to conduct heat transfer. It is made with a new flexible nano-fiber material which is more resistant under pressure when compared to the solid metal used in previous models. The TIM gel shields electro-magnetic interference from the AP. The new nano-TIM is not only more effective, but also moves heat transfer to the vapor chamber. The vapor chamber, or VC, is a powerful thermal spreader. In the past, the VC rested on PCB. But as smart-phone batteries became bigger, the PCB got smaller. So engineers had to find a different location for the VC to maximize heat diffusion. The new vapor chamber is designed to cover the area from the AP to the battery, enabling a more efficient heat transfer. It’s made of a new, double-bonded stainless steel that’s pressed in a way that allows the VC to stay thin and cover more area, while also being more durable under pressure. From the vapor chamber, the heat moves to the graphite spreading sheet, which diffuses heat horizontally, away from the vapor chamber. The improvements made to each part of our heat solution, combined with Samsung’s thermal management software which optimizes each operation to control heat, enable the Galavy S22 Ultra to rapidly dissipate heat, effectively cooling the phone. 

As the following pictures, there is a huge graphite sheet between the battery and the back plate of Galaxy S22 ultra, which diffuses heat horizontally and away from the heat dissipation plate, so that the mobile phone always runs faster at the appropriate temperature. HCD is a new kind high carbon and density pyrolytic graphite sheet with higher thermal conductivity than normal, designed by Jiangxi Dasen Technology.


The cooling and heat dissipation performance of high carbon and high density (HCD) graphite sheet is obviously better than that of ordinary graphite sheet with the same thickness, as shown in the following test results: