Graphite Black Technology Creates the Era of Oven 3.0 for Solving the Problem of "Slow Roasting"
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At present, the traditional heater represented by metal alloy wire is widely used in the oven industry. Although the production cost of this material is controllable and easy to obtain, it has long response time and slow temperature rise. As a new two-dimensional carbon material, graphite sheet has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. It is the carbon material with the highest thermal conductivity so far. It is very suitable to be used as the heating tube material of oven products. 



1. Break through the two technical bottlenecks and Never worry about the "slow heating" of the baking tube of oven.

The R & D team took two years to overcome the technical bottleneck of graphite heating tube and successfully invented the graphite heating tube with the lightest, smallest thermal inertia and fastest heating in the industry. Compared with the traditional quartz baking tube, the preheating time of graphite baking tube is only 0.2 seconds, and its response speed is fully improved by 115 times.


2. Painstakingly improve the baking tube structure to realize "strong penetration" of heat conduction

In view of the heat loss from the heat pipe to the food, the design of the graphite baking pipe is improved. While taking into account the heating uniformity, the temperature of the heating body can be up to 1300 ℃, bringing stronger heat radiation and short wave penetration efficiency, so that the food can be heated quickly. Through technical treatment, the power of the graphite baking tube is distributed at both ends of the heating body to improve the power density per unit length, which improves the penetration rate by 36% compared with the ordinary heating tube.


Graphite sheet, known as "Black Gold", has strong thermal conductivity. When applied to an oven, it can heat up at a rate of 115 times faster than an ordinary quartz tube oven. It is free from preheating and can be roasted if you want.

After users use the oven equipped with graphite baking tube, the cooking time can be saved by nearly 50%. For example, when baking roast chicken wings and baked pizza,it takes only 10 minutes and 7.5 minutes to use the oven. For the same ingredients, it takes 20 minutes and 14 minutes to use traditional metal baking tubes. At the same time, thanks to the 360°launch plate design in the oven and 2us ultra short light wave has strong penetration. When baking food, it can form a coking layer in a very short time to firmly lock the water, so as to improve the taste of food.