What is VC liquid cooling?
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What is VC liquid cooling?

With the performance of mobile processor and the arrival of 5g era, more data needs to be processed. The performance of mobile devices such as mobile phones is getting higher and higher, which also brings greater challenges to the cooling performance. Most of the new flagship mobile phones and 5g mobile phones use VC liquid cooling.

VC liquid cooling on mobile phone


Introduction to VC liquid cooling:

VC liquid cooling (vacuum chamber soaking plate technology, English name vapor chamber) is also known as the soaking plate, uniform temperature plate etc., which is an efficient way to transfer heat.


The earliest heat dissipation solution provided by celsia's heat dissipation manufacturer for AMD high-end graphics card is used to replace heat pipe heat dissipation.

VC liquid cooling uniform temperature plate


Working principle of VC liquid cooling:

1. The soaking plate base is heated, and the heat source is heated by the copper mesh micro evaporator - endothermic

2. The cooling liquid (purified water) is heated and evaporated into hot air (< 104 tor or less) in the vacuum and ultra-low pressure environment - heat absorption

3. Vapor chamber adopts vacuum design, and hot air can flow more quickly in copper mesh micro environment - heat conduction

4. When the hot air is heated up and meets the cold source on the upper part of the heat sink, it will dissipate heat and re condense into liquid - heat dissipation


5. After condensation, the coolant flows back to the evaporation source at the bottom of the soaking plate through the copper micro structure capillary pipe - reflux. The returned coolant is heated by the evaporator and gasified again, and then absorbs heat through the copper mesh micro pipe > heat conduction > heat dissipation, so it acts repeatedly.


Anatomy of internal structure of VC liquid cooling soaking plate


Anatomy of internal structure of VC liquid cooling soaking plate