Composite graphite gasket

The reinforced graphite gasket is made of high-purity expanded graphite sheet lined with metal mesh by rolling or molding.
Commonly used lining material: SS304, SS316 or wire mesh.
Carbon content is more than 98%.
It has natural graphite characteristics, high temperature resistance and high pressure, and can meet the requirements of various power machine gaskets and the as e-petrochemical industry.
Graphite gasket, also know known as: graphite composite gaskets, reinforced compressible graphite sheet, composite graphite plate, flange gaskets, valve gaskets, reinforced composite gaskets.

Product Description

Features of graphite gasket sheet:

1. Light weight: 30% lighter than the same size aluminum, 80% lighter than copper, easily molded, cut, and formed for different applications.
2. Compression ratio (%): RSB/222/15-35 RSB/232/35-55
3. Rebound rate (%): RSB/222/≥20 RSB/232≥10
4. Temperature resistance vector (%): 450°C/2h 600°C/2h RSB/222≤1.0 RSB/232≤1.0
5. Oil rate (%): diesel ≤ 20 oil ≤ 20
6. Easy to transport: reinforced graphite composite board without gap plate, suitable for all kinds of long-distance transportation.

Test items Test Methods Unit Gsm test value
Color Visual   Black gray
Material     SS304, SS316 or wire mesh
Thickness Mdc-25sd mm 1.0-5.0
Specific Gravity Weighting Method g/cm3 1.0-1.2
Temperature range Sx2- 4-10 -40~600
Tensile strength Tensile testing machine Mpa 4.80

Suitable for hot water, high temperature, high pressure steam, hydrogen, ammonia, hydrocarbon, compound, ultra-low temperature liquid.
Industries: petroleum, chemical, machinery, metallurgy, electric power sealing, shipbuilding and pipelines, valves, pumps, flange joints such as pressure vessels, condensers, towers, manholes, hand holes, etc.