Fiberglass thermal pad

DSN8000-F series fiberglass thermal pad is a super soft single side silicon tape enhanced thermal conductive pad. The product has excellent mechanical properties and insulation performance; ultra-low hardness, good resilience and high compression ratio, is applicable to large institutional design of tolerance. Because of its low hardness, it has smaller thermal resistance in the case of low pressure, eliminate the air between the components and circuit boards, and full fill all kinds of rough surface at the same time. By special ultra-thin glass fiber cloth double-layer structure, increase the operability and durability, it will not be broken and deformation when stamping, punching or deformity design.

Product Description

DSN8012-F has the same highly conformable, low-modulus polymer as the standard Gap Pad 1500.The fiberglass reinforcement allows for easy material handling and enhances puncture, shear and tear resistance. The natural tack on both sides of the material allows for good compliance to mating surfaces of components, further reducing thermal resistance.


• Super soft, high-pressure shrank, high deformation 

• Fiberglass reinforced for puncture, shear and tear resistance

• Easy release construction

• Electrically isolating


Color / Dark red+Pink Dark red+Pink Gray+Gray Visual
Thermal impedance @1mm/20Psi ℃in2/W 0.55 0.55 0.55 ASTM D5470
Specific gravity g/cm3 2.0 2.1 2.4 ASTM D792
Volume resistivity ΩCM 1014 1014 1014 ASTM D257
Thermal conductivity W/mk 1.2 1.5 2.0 ASTM D5470
Withstand voltage KV/mm ≧15 ≧14 ≧12 ASTM D149
Dielectric constant@1MHz @1MHz 5.5 5.5 5.5 ASTM D150
Thickness (±10%) mm 0.2~5.0 0.2~5.0 0.2~5.0 ASTM D374
Hardness Shore 00   20-25  20-25  20-25 ASTM D2240
Flammability class / UL94-VO UL94-VO UL94-VO UL94
Working temperature -50~+200 -50~+200 -50~+200 ***
Tape choose / / / >/ ***
Self-adhesive / Single side self-seal Single side self-seal Single side self-seal ***
Fiber strengthen / ***


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