Graphite mold

Graphite is widely used as material for continuous casting molds. Ingot graphite molds are commonly used in copper casting, aluminum casting, gold casting, and silver casting.

Graphite mold casting technique is a modern affordable, quick and perfect casting methodology to produce graphite molds. Graphite mold is useful for continuous casting process. In a continuous casting process the pouring and solidification go non-stops with the casted product being continuously withdrawn from the open end of the mold.

Product Description

Features of graphite for continuous casting molds

• Low wettability
• High thermal conductivity
• Low coefficient of thermal expansion
• High thermal shock resistance
• Self-lubrication
• Good mechanical strength
• Good machinability
• Low ash content, high purity, avoiding pollution to your products
• Food safety
• Proper electrical conductivity

Main properties of graphite materials


Bulk Density

Specific Resistance

Flexural Strength

Compressive Strength

Thermal Conductivity

C.T.E. (100-600) °C
( 10-6/)

Ash Content

Maximum Particle Size

Medium coarse particle

















Fine grain

























Isostatic pressing










Main application:

Application of hot bending graphite mold

The screen of intelligent terminal production has become one of the critical factors for consumers in choosing mobile phone. With the improvement of consumers’ requirements towards the product appearance and the performance of intelligent terminal production, the related product screen has been gradually transforming from flat touch screen to 2.5D surface and 3D touch surface. Curved glass has advantages such as thin and light, transparent and clean, fingerprint resistant, anti-glare, and good weather resistance. The curved glass can not only enhance the intelligent terminal product appearance’s innovation, but also bring out good touch feeling and excellent performance, which makes the curved glass become the first choice for smart phone, the vehicle instrument panel, smart watch and other devices.

Graphite hot bending mold is mainly used in the process of bending the plain glass into curved glass under high temperature condition. Because of the complicated processing and the high cost of the graphite molds for glass, high-end graphite with fine grain size, high density, and high strength must be purchased in order to ensure the service life of the mold and the quality of glass.



Graphite ingot mold application in electronic and semiconductor industry
German semiconductor grade graphite materials are adopted, ion produced precisely is implanted graphite and standard and customized services and provided.



Special application

Graphite has excellent conductivity, thermal conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, thermal resistance, thermal shock resistance and wears resistance. Graphite performs much better than most other materials in many aspects. The graphite casting molds are also widely applied in semiconductor electronic sintering industry.

1.Glass packing sintering 


2.Vc cooling graphite mould


3.Other carbon graphite molds in special application

Application in transportation field

In automotive and machinery industry, graphite is manly applied for its high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance; self-lubrication. It performs better than other materials.   


Other machinery application

Graphite parts

Graphite bearings

C/C nut

Graphite bearings

Graphite sealing ring for machine

Graphite rotor

Graphite ring set


Application in high temperature field 

As the core of the whole vacuum furnace, the vacuum chamber system directly takes part in heating, insulating and cooling. How to optimize and utilize the structure of the vacuum heating chamber system is of great significance to the heating process, cost control, quality improvement.

Custom graphite molds can be offered for the furnace like the graphite boat and other graphite heating element.

Special graphite’s property: 

* High thermal stability 

* Good electrical conductivity 

* High thermal conductivity 

* High thermal shock resistance 

* Strong corrosion resistance

* High purity 

* High mechanical strength 


Scope of application

* Single crystal furnace hot zone 

* Poly-silicon ingot furnace hot zone 

* MIM sintering furnace 

* Powder metallurgy sinister thermal field 

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