Thermal grease/gel1、Silicone thermal gel with graphene (one component)
Graphene reinforced single component precuring heat conducting gel is applied to all kinds of components with low stress requirement to make the products have high reliability. The product is self-adhesive and easily assembled. Meanwhile, customers can automatically dispense glue according to their own process to improve production efficiency.

2.Silicone thermal gel with graphene (two components)
The two-component silicon-based liquid thermal gap filling material contains reinforced graphene. It has good thixotropy and low viscosity after mixing in 1:1 ratio. When subjected to the external forces, it can be easily filled into the surface of the heat-generating device and the surrounding gap to form heat thermal film bridge with the heat sink when subjected.
After curing at room temperature or accelerated curing at high temperature, the thermal gel has a good elastic modulus. It helps to relieve the stress released by the thermal expansion of the heating device due to heat generation, protects the components from damage, and is easy to peel off on the device, facilitating customer rework. At the same time, customers can achieve automated dispensing according to their own processes to improve production efficiency.

Product Description

Main application:

• Telecommunications

• Computer and peripherals

• Power conversion

• RDRAM™ memory modules / chip scale packages

• Areas where heat needs to be transferred to a frame chassis or other type of heat spreader

• New energy automotive batteries

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