Vapor chamber

Vapor Chambers are designed to provide critical thermal solutions in the most limited spaces. The unique 'sandwich structure' is part of a compact and rigid design that provides optimal flow of working fluid for cooling. Vapor Chambers run at lower system temperatures, with less noise and vibration than conventional cooling units.

The superconducting thermal homogenization plate is mainly composed of bottom plate (evaporation zone), upper cover (condensation zone), capillary structure of bottom plate and upper cover (providing capillary force of liquid reflux), copper column copper ring between bottom plate and upper cover (providing liquid reflux from condensation zone to evaporation zone) and a small amount of working liquid.

Vapor chamber is mainly composed of condensing zone, evaporation section, internal capillary structure, copper column, copper ring and working fluid body. 

Vapor chamber
Product Description

Material of vapor chamber 

The container material of superconducting thermal homogenization plate is mainly oxygen-free copper C 1020, and the working fluid can be pure water, methanol and acetone. The capillary structure can be sintered with copper powder and copper wire mesh. The shape of super conducting thermal homogenizing plate can be either plane or 3D.


Features of vapor chamber:

• Simplifies manufacturing processes

• Tested for high reliability

• Mechanical shock

• High temperature aging

• Thermal cycling & shock

• 50% lighter than copper plate devices

• Efficiency higher than heat pipe 10 times


Working theory of vapor chamber: 

Ultra-thin vapor chamber is a new 5G heat dissipation material. 

This thin vapor chamber uses evaporation and condensation cycles of working fluid in a vacuum chamber to conduct heat to the thin copper sheets during the process of refrigerant condensation, so as to realize the function of fast heat conduction and rapid heat expansion. 

Production process of vapor chamber

Equipment of vapor chamber

vapor chamber production equipment


Application of vapor chamber

Vapor chamber has the characteristics of small volume and light weight, especially suitable for the heat dissipation demand in the narrow space environment where the height space is strictly controlled. The vapor chamber cooler is very suitable for working environment with high node temperature and rapid cooling. 

Such as smart phones, laptops, high-power LED, semiconductor refrigeration chip hot end heat dissipation, thermal power generation, telecom device, wireless hub, DDR ll module, IC, CPU, MOS, DVD, Mother Board, Power Supply, Heat Sink, etc.



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