Samsung’s customers visited DASEN again
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On June 26th, the senior leaders of Samsung's headquarters visited DASEN again. This time they made the annual audit and discussed further about the graphite heat dissipation project for their new type mobile phones. The senior leaders of DASEN attached great importance to the Samsung’s visit. The general manager personally conducted the reception and audit.

 DASEN’s general manager Mr. Fu introduced DASEN’s general situation and the new projects technological research in detail. Then the customers visited the production workshop, reviewed the technological process, consulted the relevant document records, and put forward the relevant questions. Mr. Fu answered all the questions one by one seriously so that the customers had a clear understanding of DASEN’s capacity and the process. 


Finally, the customers also visited DASEN's warehouse and R & D room.They examined the 6S situation and temperature and humidity control of the warehouseand understood the equipment of the instruments in the R & D room. Mr. Fu explained to the customers that Dasen has a research and development team with 2 ph. D. leading more than 20 high-end R & D technicians and Dasen has established cooperation relationship with Peking University, Tsinghua University for product development, obtaining a number of patented technologies.   The above strength of DASEN like the company's production capacity, on-site environment, R & D strength, were confirmed and approved by the customers.


Since the volume production for Samsung from 2014, Samsung's headquarters in South Koreawould make annual audit including capacity, quality, environment and safety. This year’s annual examinations has not only been recognized by customers, but also promoted the trust of both sides. It laid the foundation for continued cooperation between the two sides.