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Graphite sheet is a new type of thin film material made of polyimide by sintering and calendering. It has high thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity and excellent flexibility in product design.
Features of graphite sheet:
Excellent thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity
Light specific gravity: 1.0~2.2g/cm3
Low thermal resistance, soft and easy to cut
Ultra thin, thickness: 0.017~0.15mm
It can be processed in combination with other materials such as metal, plastic, adhesive, etc
According to different application, DASEN can provide graphite products with ordinary performance, high performance,and ultra-high performance.
Graphite sheets have excellent thermal conductivity, up to 2200W/mk. In fields such as electronic devices, power electronics, and LED lighting, graphite sheets can improve the heat dissipation effect of equipment and protect devices from damage caused by overheating.Graphite sheets have excellent conductivity and can be used as conductive materials in electronic devices.batteries, electrodes, electromagnetic shielding, and other fields.


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