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Synthetic Graphite Sheet

Graphite sheet is a new type of thin film material made of polyimide by sintering and calendering. It has high thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity and excellent flexibility in product design. According to different application, DASEN can provide graphite products with ordinary performance, high performance,and ultra-high performance.

Natural Graphite Sheet 

The raw material of natural graphite film comes from natural graphite ore, which is totally different from synthetic graphite.
Its process is that natural graphite ore is crushed, screened, purified, floated, sintered and calendered, with a carbon content of 99~99.6%.
The thermal conductivity of natural graphite film ranges from 150 W/m-K~500 W/m-K, with 1.0~1.7g/cm3 density.

Silicone Thermal Pad

DSN SK series silicone thermal pad are environmentally friendly, flexible and compressible; high efficiency, high insulation, high flame retardant and high compression capacity; high and low temperature resistance, non-oxidation, low oil output, good weather resistance; suitable for various demanding application areas, with good thermal conductivity and suitable for filling mechanism gaps, improving heat transfer efficiency between heating elements and metal radiators.

Carbon Fiber

Prepreg is a composite of resin matrix and reinforcement made by impregnating continuous fibers or fabrics with a resin matrix under strict control.
Features of DASEN’s prepreg:
Excellent mechanical properties
The material is flawless
Precise control of fiber volume content
Outstanding consistency between performance and processing characteristics
Best performance/weight ratio


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