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The raw material of natural graphite film comes from natural graphite ore, which is totally different from synthetic graphite.
Its process is that natural graphite ore is crushed, screened, purified, floated, sintered and calendered, 
with a carbon content of 99~99.6%.
The thermal conductivity of natural graphite film ranges from 150 W/m-K~500 W/m-K, with 1.0~1.7g/cm3 density.
Because of its low cost, natural graphite film is widely used in heat dissipation, such as notebook,
floor heating, liquid crystal television, ship, power battery, lithium battery, new energy automobile, etc.
Mineral processing of natural graphite sheet:
Feature Of Natural Graphite:
  • Excellent thermal conductivity: up to 500W/m·K
  • Lightweight: specific gravity: 0.9 to 1.7 g/cm3
  • (30% lighter than aluminum, 80% lighter than copper in the same size)
  • Low thermal resistance, 40% lower than aluminum, 20% lower than copper
  • Low heat resistance with flexible graphite sheet
  • Low repulsion and easy to keep the product's shape after attaching
  • RoHS, REACH compliant
  • Siloxane Free

Flexible graphite products function as a passive heat spreader, heat shield and electric conduction.
The graphite sheets offer a variety of in-plane thermal conductivity solutions.
The flexible graphite foils can be die-cut, or laminated with plastics and/or adhesives.
  • Widely used in new energy industry as conducting material or thermal management material
  • Widely used in metallurgical industry as refractories
  • Widely used in the electronics industry as the electrode conductive material
  • Water-resistant lubricating material
  • Anticorrosion materials in petroleum metallurgical industry
  • Used in a centrifugal pump and other equipment: make a pump or a seal
  • Used in an industrial furnace: make industrial furnace parts
  • The point solution process is used as an electrolytic plate: quality assurance

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