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Automotive, marine, drone and aerospace batteries
The battery module must be safe, light and compact and suitable for battery electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. Using traditional aluminum heat dissipation will make the battery thick and heavy. While graphite sheet directly replaces aluminum and it can cool the battery during normal cha
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LED Headlights
In recent years, electronic products are made to be lightweight, thin, short and small. While how to solve the heat dissipation effectively is one of the key factors to evaluate the materials in the case of the constant output power of the products. The heat dissipation paste and thermal conductive
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Automotive Electronics & LIDAR
With the development of automobile industry, more and more advanced technologies begin to be assembled into automobiles, and compact and highly reliable lidar has become an indispensable part. As an unmanned "eye" lidar, the component density and power density are also increasing. Accordingly, the i
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EV and PHEV chargers and power electronics
The thermal interface material can conduct the heat of the inductor to the aluminum housing of the power supply, thereby reducing the inductor temperature. If you choose a hot silicone pad, it has good elasticity and can play a role in shock absorption. Graphite sheets and thermal pads have been suc
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