Dasen Technology Holded Emergency Fire Drills
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In order to further strengthen enterprise fire safety management, prevent fire and reduce fire hazards, strengthen staff's awareness of fire safety, and improve staff's ability of fire safety prevention, self-rescue, escape and life-saving, on the morning of May 22, the company organized a fire emergency evacuation drill for the whole factory.

At 11:00 a.m. on the 22nd, the company issued a fire alarm signal. The evacuation teams quickly arrived at the designated safety exit, opened the safety door and directed the staff to evacuate orderly from the designated route, and all the personnel of the factory arrived at the assembly site safely within five minutes.



The drill process is tightly arranged, the personnel are organized in a tight and orderly manner, and they escape quickly without panic. The fire extinguishing action is fast and effective. While fully learning fire knowledge and practicing fire extinguishing process on the spot, the staff have also trained their ability of dealing with emergencies quickly and decisively and fostered the spirit of solidarity and cooperation.