2020 DSN outdoor development activities
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May is the warm season for dreams and youth. In order to enhance team cohesion and create a positive corporate atmosphere, DSN organized outdoor development activities on May 29. All the staff took the bus and came to the destination - Jinyuan with a smile of joy.

Outreach activities


Before enjoying the beautiful scenery, our expansion activities have already begun. First, we hold the red bridge competition, which mainly tests the cooperation and balance of the team. The competition is divided into ten groups. With the whistle blowing, the competition starts. Each group follows the dynamic music rhythm and swings on the bridge. Some players are bumping left and right and some are shaking out of the bridge, attracting everyone's applause and laughter.



Unicycle is an ancient means of transportation and a product of history. The next game is the unicycle race. The team needs to transport all the team members from the starting point to the end point in the shortest time with the help of the unicycle.


 Each teams made plans in advance and arranged troops. After everything was ready, the game started. Two teams conducted PK at the same time. Each team not only needed to speed up but also to maintain the stability of the unicycle. During the competition, although some teams accidentally overturned their unicycles, they did not give up. They kept trying to adjust their positions and directions to save time and reach the end.  

Picnic activities


After the competition, it was an exciting time for picnic. The teams divided their work, collecting firewood to make a fire, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables and cooking vegetables. Everyone was full of interest, cooperating with each other and in an orderly manner.


In the picnic camp, everyone's laughter and the sound of pots and pans interweave into a beautiful and cheerful symphony. The smoke and the smell of the cooking are overflowing, and delicious dishes are presented to the table, and everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Free time


After the rich and delicious lunch, everyone did not forget the environmental protection. All the staff cooperated to clean up the site cleanly, so that nature can still maintain clean and green. Next half day is a free time, with three or five groups of leisure and entertainment, swinging, rowing, taking pictures, and enjoying the comfortable life that nature brings to us.

In DSN family, we can always feel warm and happy. Through this expansion activity, it strengthened communication and collaboration, enhanced team cohesion, and practiced the company's corporate culture of "passion, simplicity, sharing, and happiness."