The difference between natural graphite sheet and synthetic graphite sheet
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1.Natural graphite sheet

Flexible graphite sheet is made from exfoliated graphite flake and produced through an extensive calendaring process to give a thin flexible sheet with no binder or resins.

Natural artificial graphite sheet has high thermal conductivity, easy construction, flexibility and compressibility. Working temperature range is - 40 ~ 400℃ (under the inert environment). No gas and liquid permeability, non-ageing and non-embrittlement, suitable for most chemical media. The heat conductive graphite sheets are widely used in many areas, such as: integrated circuits, high power density electronic devices, computers, sophisticated electronic instruments, etc. They have good market prospects in the field of smartphones, PC and electronic industry. 

The price and effect of natural graphite sheet can be accepted and convinced by many users, so natural graphite sheet has been widely used in various industries.

Mineral processing of natural graphite sheet:


2. Synthetic graphite sheet

Definition and characteristics of synthetic graphite sheet

Synthetic graphite sheet, also known as artificial graphite sheet, is a new heat dissipation material. With advanced carbonization and graphitization technology, thermal conductive thin films with unique lattice orientation are fabricated by sintering at 3000℃. The heat dissipation is mainly uniform along two directions, and the lamellar structure can be well adapted to any surface.

Characteristic of synthetic graphite sheet:

1. Thin, suitable for thin products with small gap;

2. High temperature resistance, high strength and chemical stability.

3. Low thermal resistance, light weight, excellent conductivity, electromagnetic shielding effect;

4. High thermal conductivity (good horizontal heat dissipation effect), can be smoothly attached to any plane and curved surface (short circuit and ESD should be paid attention to in application).


Note: The main characteristic of graphite sheet is to quickly convert point heat source into surface heat source. The cost of graphite sheet is higher than that of aluminum heat sink. It is not suitable for simple substitution of aluminum heat sink, but suitable for the occasion with space and operation limitation.

Manufacturing Technology and Characteristics