Thermal pad price & wholesale purchase price
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Heat pad in the industry, also known as heat-conducting silica gel sheet, heat-conducting silica gel pad, heat-conducting silicone pad, insulation heat-conducting sheet, soft heat-emitting pad and so on. Heat conduction pad has heat conduction, insulation, shockproof performance, soft material surface with micro viscosity, easy to operate, can be used in various irregular parts between the surface and radiator, shell, etc. to play a heat conduction filling role. So, how much is the wholesale purchase price of silicone thermal pad in the market?


The wholesale purchase price of thermal silicone pads depends on the thermal conductivity. The ratio of the substrate and the thermally conductive powder affects the thermal conductivity. The higher the thermal conductivity is, the more powders to be filled, the higher the cost, and the higher the price will be. The most basic inquiry is to inform the thermal conductivity of the thermal silica pad.


Thermally conductive silicone pad products are not standard and are affected by size. The effect of size and thickness on price is intuitive. Customers may end up with a variety of shapes, more complex needs to be die-cutting, which will also affect costs.

Some thermal silica gels have glass fibers (or carbon fibers) added to increase their mechanical strength. Used in power supply, LCD / PDP TV, LED lighting, automotive electronics, optoelectronics, notebook computers and other industries. The traditional thermal conductive material is thermal grease. Thermally conductive silicone grease has been widely used, and the price is low. Thermally conductive pads are mostly used in thin and precision electronic products such as notebook computers, and the price is slightly higher.