The application of graphite
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Vacuum furnace 

Graphite material is ideally suited for high temperature applications in vacuum atmosphere. Thanks to its physical, chemical and thermal properties. The application temperature can stand up to 2300 degree C. Also, graphite have the advantage of heating structure uniform, good performance of electrical conductivity, high current capacity, high corrosion & oxidation resistant, high degree of chemical purity and high mechanical strength.


Vacuum furnace now can used in Arc melting, Brazing, Ceramic Firing, Crystal growing, Heat Treating, MIM, CVD, CVI, Hot Pressing Laboratory research, Powder metallurgy, Purification, Debinding, Sintering and Wire annealing.



Suzhou Dasen Electronics Material Co., Ltd. provides a full range of graphite Component for Vacuum Furnace including: 



 1.Heat pipe


 2.Supporting Bar of Heater


 4.Degreasing tube

 5.Side plate/Base plate

 6.Connecting plate

 7.Resistance heater



 10.Screw/ Screw bolt  



Metallurgical Indust


According to the properties of small thermal expansion coefficient, stable chemical specification, high temperature endurance and high intensity of thermal conductivity , the graphite material is process into mold and sintering boat, to produce the hard alloy and other metallurgical processes.


Dasen Graphite provides a wide range of graphite products to the metallurgical industry including: 

1. Continuous Casting Dies

2. Crucibles

3. Electrode Machining

4. Furnace Components

5. Molds & Dies

6. Sintering Mould/Boats 



Photovoltaic industry

The development of photovoltaic industry and the application of graphite is inseparable. The heating system for single crystal furnace used a large number of high purity graphite material. In the 21st Century, the photovoltaic industry has been rapidly developed. Solar battery poly silicon ingot material has made a great progress in production and the market requirements which also gave the graphite products new markets in the field of photovoltaic industry 



Graphite products which used in the single crystal furnace are all wearing part. It is composed by a variety of high purity graphite. All components and systems made from ISO graphite, high purity molded graphite may optionally be ordered to suit your own requirements. 


Continuous metal casting


Molten metal can cast through a graphite mold. Graphite mold is reusable whilst some designs only need a mold of one-time use. Casting directly into graphite molds to produce precise and create small grain casting.



We supply graphite ingot moulds for: 


1. Non-ferrous metals (Bronze, brass, aluminum and copper)

2. Noble metals (Gold, sliver and jewelry)

We can manufacture your parts according to your drawings or rough sketch.



Bipolar Plates for Fuel Cell

Using renewable energy , fuel cell transforms the chemical energy into electricity with zero emission  and portable which is the solution for the future alternative energy.



Dasen began to engage in the fuel cell industry for many years and successfully developed the super thin graphite Bipolar plates which reduce the volume and weight of the fuel cell stacks dramatically with its excellent performance, stable application and competitive price. In the past several years, Dasen had produced millions graphite Bipolar plates.


Dasen provide suitable graphite bipolar plates for different fuel. 

Hydrogen special graphite bi-polar plates

Methanol special graphite bi-polar plates

Main Technical Indicators of Graphite Bipolar Plate  

Density> 1.90g/cc

Resistivity : <12 μΩm

Air leakage coefficient:(Minimum thickness0.3mm,1kgNegative pressure airtight)

Compressive strength:> 100 Mpa

Flexural strength:> 50MPa

Shore hardness60 SSH

Recommended operating temperature: 150-180°C