Thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tape
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1. What is the viscosity of the thermally conductive double-sided adhesive?

The thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tape is made of acrylic polymer, and a layer of thermally conductive adhesive is coated on both sides of the glass fiber to form a double-sided thermal conductive adhesive tape. Just use light pressure to install immediately, its adhesive performance and adhesive strength will increase with the increase of temperature and time. Double-sided thermal conductive tape has excellent thermal conductivity and adhesion performance, so it does not need to be fixed between the heat source and the heat sink, and can be fixed liquid adhesive, can be die-cut into any shape of the product, and can be pasted on the surface in advance, For future use when pasting.


2. How to apply double-sided heat conductive adhesive and where to use it?

Generally speaking, if the electronic products you designed can't be equipped with fans and metal heat dissipation in space and position, you can directly contact IC and shell by heat conducting double-sided adhesive, and directly transfer the heat source to the external cold air of the products by means of heat conduction to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.


3. What are the factors that determine the edge wrapping of graphite sheet?

The reason why graphite should be wrapped is that the thicker graphite flakes will drop the graphite powder in the process of use, and the falling of graphite will lead to the uneven heat dissipation surface, which will affect the heat dissipation and heat transfer of the whole graphite flakes. Secondly, the graphite powder will cause the short circuit of electronic products. However, due to the size of the thin graphite sheet, the graphite powder cannot be dropped at all. DSN suggests that the graphite sheet with thickness of more than 0.2mm is the best for edge insulation.


4. Is the single conducting copper tape conductive?

There are two ways to understand this issue:

1) Is the single conducting copper tape conductive? In this way, the single conducting copper tape is conductive, because the conductivity of the copper foil in the single conducting copper tape is very good.

2) As the whole single conducting copper tape, the current between the copper foil and the glue is not conductive because the glue on the copper foil is not conductive, and the conductivity is 0. From this point of view, single conducting copper tape has no conductivity.