The difference between graphite sheet and thermal silicon pad
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What is the difference between thermal conductive graphite sheet and thermal silicone pad? In fact, the difference between the two can generally be compared in terms of scope of use and material characteristics. The difference between graphite sheet and silicone pad is described in detail below:

1、 The raw materials determine the characteristics of the product      

The difference between graphite sheet and the silicone pad is that the thermal silicone pad is based on silica gel. At the same time, auxiliary materials need to be added in a certain proportion during the production process, and the requirements for auxiliary materials are not low, otherwise it will not achieve the expected heat dissipation effect. Of course, the graphite sheet is mainly made of graphite, which can intercept the heat source and realize multi-directional heat conduction.    

2、 Heat dissipation characteristics are different     

The second difference between graphite sheet and thermal conductive silicon pad is the difference in heat dissipation. Thermal conductive silicon pad is very flexible after adding auxiliary materials. When it absorbs heat, it sends out heat through its own gap. Generally speaking, the more auxiliary materials are added in the silicon pad, the stronger its heat dissipation capacity is. And it can also act as insulation. The heat conduction of graphite sheet in heat dissipation is vertical heat conduction. Because of its high thermal conductivity, it can actively diffuse the heat source when conducting heat. At the same time, we can also make efforts to shield all heat sources and maximize the protection of electronic components.      

3、 Different production process leads to different thickness      

The difference between graphite sheet and thermal silicon pad is that the thickness of finished product is different due to different materials and production process. But it is precisely because of this feature that they have to be used in different equipment to heat. For example, the thickness of silicone pad is much thicker than that of graphite sheet, and its shape is much larger. Therefore, people often use it on larger electronic products, such as tablet computers.