A small graphics card with a lot of thermal interface material
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Computer's main accessories - display card heat dissipation. In fact, the structure of each graphics card is almost the same. In addition to the fan with heat pipe, that is the vapor chamber, the heat conduction interface material is needed as the auxiliary heat transfer medium to realize the connected and efficient heat dissipation path.

Next is to take the YinChi gtx1660 general graphics card as an example to briefly describe the heat dissipation of the graphics card, including thermal silicone pad and thermal silicone grease.

Many manufacturers do not care about the inductance heat dissipation, because the biggest heating place is not the inductance, but MOS (here also need thermal pad). But it doesn't mean that the inductor is not hot. Therefore, Yingchi uses a thermal conductive silicone pad to cover the inductor. The heat of the inductor is transferred to the radiator through the silica gel pad and dissipates heat through the fan.

GPU is the core, using low thermal resistance thermal grease for heat conduction. The disadvantage of silicone grease is that it is troublesome to clean and difficult to wipe clean.