Vapor Chamber Becomes Next Hot Spot Because of 5G Heat Dissipation
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Recently, the heat dissipation technology of mobile phones has been constantly updated and iterated from Graphite Sheet, Back Metal Plate, Frame, Thermal Gel, Silent-Pipe, to Vapor Chamber Heat Dissipation. Comparing with these heat dissipation solutions, the Vapor Chamber is a new way to solve the problem of mobile phone heat dissipation in the future. It gradually became the main product in the 5G commercial area.


The peak demand for 5G mobile phones will appear in the next two years. It puts forward higher requirements to the innovation of thermal technology and the upgrading of thermal materials.  because of chips’ power consumption increasing and mobile phones’ structure updating. Under this background, high efficient heat dissipation technology has become a new demand to 5G smart phones. So currently the Vapor Chamber is a relatively optimistic heat dissipation material.


The Vapor Chamber is a closed vacuum chamber with a micro-structure in the inner wall surface. When the heat flow is conducted from the heat source to the evaporation zone, the working fluid will start to vaporize at a certain temperature under vacuum conditions. At this time, the working fluid absorbs thermal energy and evaporates quickly. The vapor will fill the entire cavity under the condition, so its thermal conductivity cannot be changed because of the direction of operation.

People in the industry said: “In order to meet the developments of 5G smart phone, Vapor Chamber has adopted an etching process to ensure thickness and cavity structure. At present, there are only a few enterprises that can mass produce ultra-thin uniform Vapor Chambers.” As the chip power density increasing, the vapor chamber has been widely used in the heat dissipation of CPU, NP, ASIC and other large power devices.