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Customized Die Cut Tape With 3M VHB Tape

Die Cut Tape
The Tape consists of a durable acrylic adhesive with viscoelastic properties. This provides an extraordinarily strong double sided foam tape that adheres to a broad range of substrates, including aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, composites, plastics, acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS and painted or sealed wood and concrete. Our bonding tapes provide excellent shear strength, conformability, surface adhesion and temperature resistance. They are commonly used in applications across a variety of markets including transportation, appliance, electronics, construction, sign and display and general industrial. Reliably bonds a variety of materials with strength and speed for permanent applications.
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Product Description

Dasen customized products include die-cuting, punching, and various printing methods, such as UV printing, screen printing, spray paintingand photo taking. Especially, the container identification film has the abiity to design, develop, and produce full container flm solutions.

Dasen can use customer's specified brand materials for die-cutting, such as 3M, TESA, Nitto......

Bonding a lens to a metal sign frame, Bonding a lens to control panel window, Bonding a logo to a Refrigerator, Bonding a logo to an Oven, LCD Display Frame Attachment, Laptop Bezel Trim Attachment, Logo Bonding on TV, Washing Machine Touch Panel Bonding

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