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Guide To Carbon Fiber

Dasen can produce the carbon fiber including the carbon fiber prepreg , carbon fiber fabric ,carbon fiber cloth and carbon fiber products(carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber plate , carbon fiber ,carbon fiber sheet , carbon fiber part )

What is carbon fiber?

Do you know carbon fiber? It’s a new type of high-quality composite material.
Carbon fiber products are made by the carbon fiber prepreg or fabric. It is a composite material made of reinforcement, such as carbon fiber filaments, resin matrix, release film and other materials, processed by coating, hot pressing, cooling, laminating, rolling and other processes.
Carbon fiber prepreg is made of carbon fiber by woven unidirectional orplain weaving / twill weaving fabric. The carbon fibers we use contain high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios, carbon fabrics are electrically conductive and exhibit excellent fatigue resistance. When properly engineered, carbon fabric composites can achieve the strength and stiffness of metals at significant weight savings.
Performance Parameters
  • Item No. FAW (g/㎡) RC (%) Total weight(g/㎡) Width (mm) Width(mm) Length(M) Fiber modulus / strength
    DSN-45-0250 25 45 45.5 0.025 1000 150 24T/30T/40T
    DSN-40-0300 30 40 50 0.03 1000 150
    DSN-38-0500 50 38 80 0.06 1000 150
    DSN-38-0750 75 38 121 0.08 1000 150
    DSN-36-1000 100 36 156 0.1 1000 150
    DSN-36-1250 125 36 195 0.13 1000 100
    DSN-35-1500 150 35 231 0.15 1000 100
    DSN-35-1750 175 35 269 0.18 1000 100
    DSN--35-2000 200 35 308 0.2 1000 100
    1.Resin content can be customized, tolerance: ±2%
    2.Fiber weight: 25-400g/㎡, can be customized
    3.The resin types are various, such as flame retardancy, low halogen, fast curing, and bio based materials etc.
    4.Storage conditions: recommended low temperature storage, under -18℃(shelf life: 6 months); under 0℃(shelf life: 3 months); under 25℃(shelf life: 20 days)
  • Item No. FAW (g/㎡) RC (%) Total weight(g/㎡) Fabric type Category Fiber origin Width(mm) Length(M)
    DSN-1-40-120P 120 40~50 200 Plain 1K Chinese/Imported 1000 100
    DSN-1-40-120T 120 40~50 200 Twill 1K Chinese/Imported 1000 100
    DSN-3-40-200P 200 40~50 333 Plain 3K Chinese/Imported 1000 100
    DSN-3-40-200T 200 40~50 333 Twill 3K Chinese/Imported 1000 100
    DSN-3-40-240P 240 40~50 400 Plain 3K Chinese/Imported 1000 100
    DSN-3-40-240T 240 40~50 400 Twill 3K Chinese/Imported 1000 100
    DSN-6-40-280P 280 40~50 467 Plain 6K Chinese/Imported 1000 100
    DSN-6-40-280T 280 40~50 467 Twill 12K Chinese/Imported 1000 100
    DSN-12-40-400P 400 40~50 667 Plain 12K Chinese/Imported 1000 100
    DSN-12-40-400T 400 40~50 667 Twill 3K Chinese/Imported 1000 100
    1. Remarks:
    2. 1.Resin content can be customized, tolerance: ±2%
    3. 2.The resin types are various, such as flame retardancy, low halogen, fast curing, and bio based materials etc.
    4. 3.Storage conditions: recommended low temperature storage, under -18℃(shelf life: 6 months); under 0℃(shelf life: 3 months); under 25℃(shelf life: 20 days)
    1. High strength, low density, light weight,strength can reach 6-12 times of steel, density is only one quarter of steel.
    2. High fatigue strength;
    3. High dimensional stability;
    4. Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity;
    5. Excellent vibration attenuation performance;
    6. Excellent heat resistance;
    7. The friction coefficient is small and the wear resistance is excellent;
    8. Corrosion resistant and long life.
    9. X-ray permeability is large.
    10. Good plasticity, can be made into any shape according to the shape of the mold, easy to form and easy to process.
  • What kind of prepreg do you have?
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    Carbon fiber prepreg , Glass fiber prepreg , Aramid fiber prepreg.
  • What kind of carbon fiber prepreg / fabric you can produce?
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    UD carbon fiber prepreg, Twill / Plain carbon fiber prepreg / fabric
  • How long can prepreg be kept at room temperature?
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    20 days.
  • What is the optimum storage temperature for prepreg?
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    Recommended low temperature storage
    under -18℃(shelf life: 6 months);
    under 0℃(shelf life: 3 months);
    under 25℃(shelf life: 20 days)
  • What parameters do we need to provide when we ask for carbon fiber prepreg quote?
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    For UD prepreg , we should know the filament brand, GSM and resin percent.
    For twill/plain prepreg/fabric, we should know the filament brand, GSM ,resin percent and filament quantity.
  • Can it be customized according to the demands?
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    Yes, it can be made in different sizes or deeply processed.
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