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Foldable Screen Pivot Hinge

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The key part of the folding screen technology - the hinge, it has finally launched the first generation of water-drop hinge after years of research and development and iteration. Compared with the traditional U hinge, the water drop hinge structure is more complex and the cost is higher. However, not only does it achieve an almost crease-free folding effect, it can also hover freely between 50-120°. In addition, in the Find N2 series, it has made the hinges lighter, narrower and stronger through structural and material optimization.

In terms of structure, it uses high-strength composite carbon fiber materials to replace the traditional rivet structure with mortise and mortise and tenon process and slide link. This innovative design not only reduces the number of hinge parts, but also enhances the synergy between them, making the entire structure stronger.In terms of materials, it introduced aviation grade MIM super-tough alloy and high-strength composite carbon fiber to provide a significant strength increase for the hinge. The application of these materials makes the hinges more durable and reliable.


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