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How Can Dasen Improve The Performance of Flexible Graphite Used in EV Batteries?

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With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness and the continuous progress of electric vehicle technology, the use of electric vehicles is increasing. As the core component of electric vehicles, the application scenarios of EV batteries are also constantly expanding. In addition to the field of electric vehicles, EV batteries are also widely used in fields such as smart homes, robots, and electric tools.


Flexible graphite plays an indispensable role in improving the performance of EV batteries.

Since 2011, Dasen has been committed to the research and production of flexible graphite. In recent years, in order to cooperate with the development of EV batteries, Dasen has improved the performance of flexible graphite in EV batteries through the following methods:


1. Optimize material structure: Control and optimize the microstructure of flexible graphite, such as increasing specific surface area and improving pore size distribution, to improve ion and electron transport efficiency.

2. Surface modification: Chemical or physical methods are used to modify the surface of flexible graphite, enhancing its compatibility and stability with other electrode materials.

3. Composite of other materials: Composite flexible graphite with materials with better conductivity (such as carbon nanotubes, metal nanowires, etc.) to form a synergistic effect and improve overall performance.

4. Improve the preparation process: Continuously improve the preparation process of flexible graphite to make its physical and chemical properties more in line with battery performance requirements.

5. Conduct in-depth research on electrode formulation: optimize the proportion and combination of other components of the electrode matched with flexible graphite, and find the best synergistic effect.

6. Doping: Properly doping elements to change the electrical and chemical properties of flexible graphite.

7. Strengthen quality control: Strictly control the production quality of flexible graphite, reduce the impact of impurities and defects.


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