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New Product - 15W/m · K Ultra-high Thermal Conductivity Thermal Pad SK150

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Thermal conductive silicone pad

The development of 5G technology and artificial intelligence has driven a new round of market reshuffle. The performance of electronic devices is constantly improving, but they consume more power and generate more heat. To ensure the reliable operation of devices, reducing power consumption, reducing heat generation, and improving heat dissipation capabilities have become the top priorities.

When electronic components come into contact with heat sinks, there will be air gaps at the contact interface, and a large number of gaps will be filled with air.

The presence of air hinders heat transfer between interfaces, leading to an increase in interface thermal resistance between chips and heat sinks, significantly reducing system heat dissipation efficiency. Poor heat dissipation can lead to a decrease in system reliability and product performance failures of electronic products.

Thermal conductive pads are mainly used to fill the gaps between heating components and heat sinks or metal bases, completing heat transfer between the two, while also playing a role in shock absorption, insulation, and sealing.


1、 DSN SK150

DSN SK150 is a new type of gap filling material with high thermal conductivity.

Its thermal conductivity reaches up to 15W/m.k, making it a thermal conductive material specifically designed for high power consumption, high heat, and high-performance application scenarios.


In addition to the high thermal conductivity of the pad itself, it also has good compressibility and adhesion, making it easier to tightly adhere to electronic components. At the same time, it covers the micro uneven surface, allowing the matching components to fully contact and improve thermal conductivity efficiency.

DSN SK150 has natural adhesion on both sides, and can be fixed on the components without the need for adhesive by gently pressing it tightly during assembly.

The thickness of the pad can be customized according to customer needs within the range, or single-sided adhesive can be selected for easy use.

2、 Product features

a. Thermal conductivity: 15.0W/m K. Better heat dissipation capability

b. Soft and with excellent operability. Low hardness -65 (Shore OO, ASTM D2240)

c. V-0 flame retardant level

d. Thickness: 0.02 "(0.5mm) to 0.16" (4.0mm)

e. Suitable for irregular and rough surfaces to improve heat conduction efficiency

3、 Typical applications

Computer servers and their peripherals

Smartphones, tablets, multimedia

High end network equipment

Optical communication module


4、 Data sheet


Standard size 200x400 mm, can be cut according to customers' needs

Standard thickness: 0.5mm - 5mm. The thickness can be customized according to customer needs

Choice of double-sided adhesive or single-sided adhesive, with adhesive backing or PI film added as needed


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