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0.03mm graphite film

0.05mm graphite film

0.08mm graphite film

0.2mm natural graphite sheet

0.5mm graphite film

0.8mm natural graphite sheet

1.0mm graphite film

1.2w/mk thermal pad

1.2w/mk thermal silicone pad

1.5w/mk thermal pad

1.5w/mk thermal silicone pad

100um graphite foil

10w/mk thermal pad

10w/mk thermal silicone pad

12w/mk thermal pad

12w/mk thermal silicone pad

15W/mK thermal pad

15w/mk thermal silicone pad

17um graphite foil

2.0w/mk thermal pad

2.0w/mk thermal silicone pad

2.5w/mk silicone thermal pad

2.5w/mk thermal pad

2.5w/mk thermal silicone pad

25um graphite foil

3.0w/mk thermal pad

3.0w/mk thermal silicone pad

3.5w/mk thermal pad

3.5w/mk thermal silicone pad

32um graphite foil

3K carbon fiber

3K Carbon Fiber Plate

3K carbon fiber prepreg

3K Carbon Tube

3K Plain Carbon Fiber Prepreg

3K Twill Carbon Fiber Prepreg

3K twill Carbon Tube

3M 300LSE Tape

3M 3690E

3M 3922

3M 4090

3M 7214SA

3M 7215SA

3M 7218SA

3M 7323V

3M 7381

3M 7605

3M 7613T

3M 7733FL

3M 7866

3M 7883

3M 7940

3M Heavy Duty Mounting Tape

3M Reflective Film

3M Tape

3M Tapes

3M VHB Double Sided Acrylic Tape

3M VHB Tape

4.0w/mk thermal pad

4.0w/mk thermal silicone pad

40um graphite foil

4w/mk silicone thermal pad

5.0w/mk thermal pad

5.0w/mk thermal silicone pad

50um graphite foil

6.0w/mk thermal pad

6.0w/mk thermal silicone pad

70um graphite foil

8.0w/mk thermal pad

8.0w/mk thermal silicone pad

9999 carbon pyrolytic graphite sheet

Acrylic Label Materials


adhesive carbon foil

adhesive flexible graphite tape

adhesive graphite foil

Adhesive Reflective Film

Aluminum Foil Label

artificial graphite foil

Auxiliary Materials

aynthetic graphtie foil

battery copper graphite foil

best thermal pad

Braided Carbon Fiber Square Tubes

Bright Black Carbon Fiber Material

Bright Black Carbon Fiber Sheets

Bright Carbon Fiber plate

Bright Carbon Fiber Tubes

Bright Silver Pet Barcode Tape

Buy Carbon Fiber plate


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