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Innovation is the soul of enterprise progress and the inexhaustible motive force of enterprise development, and technological innovation is the endogenous force for enterprise to become stronger and bigger. In the increasingly fierce market, Dasen Technology can base on the domestic market due to the professional R&D team and continuous technological innovation.


The ancients said, "If you don't polish the jade, you won't make it." The spirit of ingenuity is the pursuit of passion for the post, the improvement of technology, and meticulous work. And Dasen R&D technicians are such a team of unremitting pursuit of ingenuity. As R&D technicians, they have been sticking to their posts of research and technological transformation days and nights with the simplest action to interpret the professional spirit.

Our R&D team has been focusing on the improvement and development of products ‘performance like graphite sheet, silicone pad, graphite products. On the way of R&D, they have encountered many difficulties and difficulties. However, their perseverance and perseverance day after day eventually enable them to overcome difficulties and get outstanding achievements. Therefore Dasen's core technology has gained a leading position in the industry.


Innovative spirit of R&D team

In recent years, with the continuous development of electronic technology and the continuous updating of electronic products, the size of its working components is becoming smaller and smaller, the speed and efficiency of its work are getting higher and higher, and its calorific value is getting larger and larger. To provide thermal management solutions for the electronic industry, Dasen’s R&D team led by Mr. You continuously make technological innovations in the following areas: graphite sheet to graphite roll, thickness from 25um, 40um to 17um, 12um and 50um, width from 33mm to 310mm, thermal conductivity from 1700W/M·K to 1900W/M·K. Significant breakthroughs and leaps have been made in product performance, thickness and width, and the technology level is in the leading position in the industry. 

With the joint efforts of R&D team, Dasen has obtained more than 20 practical patents and more than 10 invention patents, and won the honorary titles of "science and technology innovation enterprise", "Jiangxi specialty new enterprise" and "high-tech enterprise".

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