Warmly welcome Japanese customers to visit our factory
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Dec. 5th, 2018, Japanese customers came to our company for site visit, inspection and audit guidance. The company leaders warmly welcomed the customers.

The general manager assistant first introduced the general situation and development plan of the company to the customers in the conference room. Then, accompanied by the heads of various departments, the customers visited the production workshop, warehouse and test room.

During the visit, our company's accompanying staff introduced the production process, environmental control, quality control, warehouse management and other aspects of the factory to customers. For environmental control, the company mainly controls the temperature, humidity and dust particles in the workshop through professional measuring and monitoring instruments to ensure the environment and cleanliness requirements of the workshop. For quality control, all employees have to undergo professional quality training and skill assessment, and strict quality control is carried out in every process from raw materials to manufacturing process, ensuring the stability and reliability of product quality to meet customer requirements. For warehouse management, we always follow the “first-in first-out” principle to ensure that the company's raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are effectively and reasonably managed. 

Customers asked many questions during the visit. When they saw the products with high similarity on the shelves, they asked about specific preventive mixing measures. The company's accompanying staff answered that for preventive mixing measures, the company not only required special training for employees, but also distinguished the label color and core color of products, and carried out regionalized management to prevent the occurrence of mismixing. In response to a series of questions asked by customers, our company's accompanying staffs have made professional answers. The company's management and technical level has been unanimously recognized and appreciated by customers.

Finally, the two sides came to the test room and conducted on-site testing experiments on the company's products for customers. The performance and quality of the products were highly appraised by customers. The two sides have conducted in-depth discussions on future cooperation, hoping to achieve long-term cooperation, common development and win-win situation.