Let's set out again in 2019
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In October 2013, a small business with about 10 people, DSN was founded. We focus on the research, development and production of thermal interface materials, especially in the field of carbon graphite and thermal conductive materials. We have unique technical advantages and can provide solutions for customers in different industries. DSN products include: thermal graphite sheet, thermal silicone pad and carbon graphite products.

It has just taken its first step in life. Also in 2013, I was a Children's Photographer, and I was very convinced that I had eyes that could find beauty, and I could tell stories about life and love through my own lens and photos. Originally, there would be no intersection between the two, which are unrelated parallel lines. Until December 2014, everything changed, and I joined the DSN family. Since then, my life has been closely linked with everything here. Quietly, it has gone through four and a half years. Not long, but not short. I am very grateful to have been with you for the past few years, because each of us has experienced a lot. There are sweet and sour, hesitation, but also comfort and expectations. It is also in such a short period of years, we have experienced the baptism of the industry together, also experienced the ruthlessness of the market, and deeply realized the difficulty of entrepreneurship, but we also understand the truth that only solid cultivation can be exchanged for harvest.

I remember at the annual meeting in 2015, I held a glass of wine and said to General Manager Mr. Fu that I admire the people who can start a business, especially those who do business. Although it is difficult, they can create taxes for the country, create jobs for the society and support many families. This is very great. To sum up, no matter how difficult it is, someone has to do it. I went on to express my feeling that DSN is different from other companies. Here, if the boss suddenly comes into the office from outside. You won't be surprised and alert. Everyone is doing what should do. You won't be lazy because your leader is not here. Mr. Fu always listened and just laughed. This was my first year in DSN, the second in the company's growth. That's when I realized the family-like corporate culture of the company. Since DSN can be called a family, I have to mention our parent, Mr. Fu, our boss. He doesn't usually talk too much. He always laughs when he sees everybody. But he is such a person who is willing to take all the responsibilities on his own shoulders. Even in the face of great pressure, he would not complain about anything. Even in the company's most difficult times, the company has never been in arrears with employees a penny of wages, not to mention lying off a person, and guaranteeing everyone's income. So, just because of such a boss, our entire DSN team is willing to follow the company's career. 

At present, the axis of time has slightly crossed 2018, and DSN has gone through five years. This is the spring of 2019, and the sixth year is just beginning. What can we experience in five years? It is said that new companies will go bankrupt 80% in the first five years, and the 20% that survive will go bankrupt 80% in the second five years. This is the reality. Ideals can be set up constantly, and disillusionment is always accompanied. The hardship of this road can be said to be a process of dying. Now DSN is Samsung's strategic partner for thermal management. 

It is said in my company, "You must do first, because the second place has no order." Facts have proven the incomparable correctness of this sentence time and again. In 2016, when the industry is still making sheets, our coil takes the lead in mass production, we are the first. Over the past two years, our product performance has been leading the industry, so we have been awarded Samsung's flagship project in succession, because this first level, we have a sustained order. At the same time, our service awareness is also the first. In order to meet the urgent deadline of the mobile phone supply chain, we first consider meeting customer needs. In order to deliver the samples in time, all designers can cooperate very skillfully, day and night, through high-speed railway and airline flights, only for customers to get the samples smoothly the next morning. Everyone knows that it's hard and costly to do so, but we also know that customer needs are orders, and if you respond slowly, you may be eliminated. I think it is precisely because of this diligent pursuit and perseverance of the DSN that we have those first, and we have gone through the first five years well.

Next, DSN is about to face a second five years. This spring of 2019, we have made a very good start, the overall performance achieved expectations, and all the way forward. We have also passed the environmental system certification in just one month, which shows that we can concentrate our efforts on major issues, and once again verify the cohesion and execution of our team. In February, we are also trying to explore other business directions in a substantive way. I believe that we are confident and able to take this step and walk steadily. Despite the continuous rain and unusual cold in this spring, none of us ever thought of giving up.

In philosophy, there is a classic topic: do you want to be a painful philosopher or a happy pig? I believe the philosophers' answer must be that they are willing to embrace pain, because the harvest after suffering is not comparable to ordinary happiness. Of course, we do not have to, nor should we belittle a pig, because it is happiness. But we have to be very clear that once this choice is made, it is a matter of faith and hard work.

In 2019, all of us in DSN should start a new and start a new business. In this big family, no matter what position you are in or what position you are in, each of us can participate in it, experience together, grow up progressively and harvest together.