The 5S Improvement of Lean Management
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In order to improve work efficiency and quality, ensure safety, reduce work costs, and promote economic efficiency, Dasen launched 5S management mechanism in March 2019. 5S management has been promoted for six months. During this period, we integrated 5S management into specific work by establishing management system, dividing responsibility areas, conducting relevant knowledge training and promotion, and let employees participate in 5S. Finally, we truly achieved "Top-down,Total Involvement."

However, we also met many troubles when 5S management began. The main reason is that most of us know few about 5S, and have different opinions to the check of the discrepancy. After sharing 5S summary many times, everyone understood 5S management more.


With the continuous advancement of 5S management, let's see what changed in Dasen.

1. 5S Training and Sharing


We gradually master the relevant knowledge of 5S site management, and understand its true effect and significance by training 5S management knowledge and sharing experience.

2. 5S Individual Responsibility


In the past, although each area was divided into departments, many jobs could not be implemented to the details. By dividing the responsibility area to individual, the 5S management can be fully implemented.


3. 5S Visual Management


In order to strengthen the 5S visual management, all regions established standards, standardized the fixed line and safety signs, so that everyone can see the scene at a glance and improve work efficiency.


4. 5S Improvement Comparison


"5S management" is like a mirror, which shows many shortcomings in our company. As everyone's minds change and act positively, many areas have made significant improvements.


The implementation of 5S management is not only a simple general cleaning, but also a scientific and effective on-site management model. It focuses on details and insists on persisting. It improves work efficiency and enhances employees’ shitsuke by consolidation, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, and continuous improvement.


As long as began, 5S management won’t be stopped. So we have more work to do. It requires all of us have a spirit of perseverance, a down-to-earth pragmatic attitude, and a sense of spontaneous responsibility. Do well what you should do and carry out the "5S" to the end.