Special Training on "Knowledge of Safe Use of Electricity"
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In order to enhance employees' awareness of safe use for electricity, popularize knowledge of safe use for electricity and eliminate hidden dangers of safe use for electricity, on the afternoon of Oc. 19th, the Personnel Administration Department organized the company's electrician Mr. Liu Weijie to conduct a special training on "Knowledge of Safe Electricity Use" for all employees of the plant.



In this training, Mr. Liu used PPT and took the form of both pictures and texts. He made a deep explanation from the aspects of electricity safety consciousness, how to prevent electric shock, electrical circuit specification, how to give first aid to electric shock, and how to prevent potential safety hazards in staff dormitories. At the same time, he analyzed typical accident cases. It is emphasized that everyone is responsible for safe production, and should not take chances at any time. We should keep a high degree of vigilance all the time, strictly implement various rules and regulations to ensure personal safety.



The training is closely related to the actual production and daily use of electricity, so employees have a better understanding of the knowledge of safe use of electricity, it enhances employees' awareness of safe use of electricity, strengthen the management of safe fire prevention and use of electricity, eliminate hidden dangers in time, strictly prevent the occurrence of unsafe factors, and consolidate the safety foundation.