International Marathon - show the staff style
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In order to promote and practice the concept of "happy running" of DSN Happy Running Group, employees actively signed up for the Xinyu Fairy Lake International Marathon on December 1, 2019. Nearly 10000 players from nine countries and regions, including China, Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia, gathered here. Although the weather isn't good, the continuous cold rain cannot cool the enthusiasm of the players. 







 The team members of DSN Happy Running team are full of passion. Although they were tired and painful in the running process, they still encouraged each other all the way and made progress together. At last, we worked hard to reach the end and successfully completed the 6km Mini marathon. The enthusiastic volunteers cheered and congratulated us at the terminal, and awarded us the Medal of Honor. Even though the wind and rain were cold, their hearts were extremely warm at the moment, and their faces showed the joy of victory.






Taking part in marathon activities, we have exercised our will, strengthened our physique, and demonstrated the positive spirit of employees of DSN. The competition is over, but life goes on. Let's work hard in the future.