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A new year is beginning. On January 11, 2020, Jiangxi Dasen Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2019 work summary conference. The company's general manager, deputy general manager, and managerial-level personnel attended the meeting. First, the general manager made an important report on the company's operating status in 2019 and 2020 business plan. With the efforts of the company, the company has achieved certain results in 2019, and also conducted a SWOT analysis of the company. We need to seize opportunities, meet challenges, improve deficiencies, survive in competition, and develop in development. 


Later, Vice President made an important report at the conference.  She pointed out the work and operation goals for 2020, and proposed various aspects of security systems and specific measures on how to achieve the goals, and pointed out the direction for everyone. The heads of each department also made a summary report at the meeting. After the end of the report, the questions and interactions let everyone communicate with each other, collide with each other's ideas, enhance mutual understanding between departments, and lay a good foundation for the subsequent cooperation between departments.

Summarizing the past is to better move forward. The 2019 year-end summary conference sounded the horn of attack for all the company's operations and management in 2020, lighting up the way forward, everyone gathered together and set off again.


After the conclusion of the conference, all participants had a reading and sharing session. In the work, some people confused their responsibilities, some shirk their responsibilities, and some people took too many responsibilities. To this end, the book "Responsibility Virus" was introduced. "Virus" problem phenomenon and combined with their actual work situation to share and communicate, improve self-cognition, and implement cognitive actions. 



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