DSN 2020 Spring Festival Gala
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On the evening of January 12, 2020, all employees and partners of the company gathered in the restaurant to have a party for 2020 Chinese New Year.

The general manager and deputy general manager of the company delivered New Year’s speeches. The general manager first affirmed the achievements of the company in 2019. The company has made great progress in management, implemented lean management, realized the participation of all staff, and greatly improved its sales performance. 2019 is a busy year and 2020 is a challenging year. In the increasingly fierce industry competition environment, all DSN people should dare to work hard, strive for innovation and forge ahead in difficulties.

 After the start of the dinner, the company's staff members showed their own strengths, which brought us a wonderful audio-visual feast.

 During the performance, the company leaders also awarded the ‘6S Excellent Team Award of the Year’, ‘6S Excellent Individual Award of the Year’, ‘Annual Proposal Improvement Team Award’, ‘Annual Proposal Improvement Individual Award’, ‘Annual Outstanding Employee Award’, and ‘Major Technical Contribution of the Year Awards’ were presented.



With the implementation of the company's 6S management, all employees gave full play to their initiative, actively publicized and mobilized everyone to take action, and demonstrated the strength of the team. Since the company launched the proposal improvement activities in 2019, the production department has actively participated in finding and improving problems from its actual work positions, brainstorming and providing suggestions, and proposed a total of 147 improvements throughout the year, contributing to the company's development. Excellent employees start from themselves, continuously improve their professional and technical capabilities, use wisdom and sweat to silently cultivate in their posts, and create extraordinary performance in ordinary posts. Innovation is the soul of corporate progress, innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development, and only innovation can never fail in development. The unremitting efforts of employees in the technology department for technological innovation have created huge contributions and value for the company.                     


 Exciting lottery activities were interspersed in the middle of the show. With the third prize, second prize, first prize, special prize and other grand prizes drawn and the generosity of senior executives, everyone was nervous and excited and attracted laughter. The company leaders and staff interacted with each other so that the whole party showed the joy and harmony of the DSN family. Everyone smiled and returned.



2019, with grateful

2020, forge ahead together

Keep our hearts together and be grateful to our partners who have traveled all the way

Let us meet the new challenges with passion and strive for the day and night.