"Goddess festival", salute the most beautiful of you
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The most beautiful March day is coming, spring flowers are blooming.

At the moment when the whole country was fighting against the epidemic, the 38th Goddess Festival came as promised.

On this battlefield without gun smoke, the company has such a group of heroes. They are not afraid of risks, they are reckless, they are charging ahead, they will resume production for the company, stick to their posts and fight for the front line. They are good mothers, good wives, and good daughters at home. They are job proficient, excellent role models, and the most beautiful employees in the company. They are free to switch between various roles, unknown, selfless and responsibility. In this special festival, pay tribute to all the heroes who are struggling in their posts. Let us see them.

Fu Chunmei: She was one of the company's earliest employees to return to work. As a production team leader, she always patiently taught new employees in her post. During the epidemic, she worked overtime and worked hard to lead everyone's work enthusiasm.


Chen Shuping: She was one of the company's earliest employees to return to work. As a quality team leader, she held multiple positions, quality inspection and testing, and strictly controlled quality for the company's product quality.

Liu Yongying: After receiving the notice of the company's resumption of work, she rushed to the company as soon as possible, relying on her skilled work skills to complete the work tasks efficiently.

Yuan Pinghua: She is usually simple and silent, but she is very serious and responsible in her work.


They are the earliest female employees to resume work in the company. Since the company resumed work, they have been insisting on their positions, never slacked off, maintaining quality and output, and contributing to the company's return to work. There are more and more heroes who are working hard in silence, let us continue to appreciate their charm!

Who says women are worse than men! In resuming work and resuming production, they are not afraid of difficulties, stick to their posts, and use their actions to show the excellence of Dasen women. Although their masks have covered their beautiful faces, their hard working figures are shining in their posts glittering.