DSN team leader training camp "second stage"
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The team leader is the direct organization and participant of production and the foundation of the on-site management of the enterprise. In order to improve the company's on-site management level, improve quality and production efficiency, and give full play to the strength of team leaders in enterprise production management, the company launched a team leader training camp at the end of March. The team leader training camp adopts an online interactive course learning + after-school practice method to help the team leader to build the overall structure of knowledge, so that everyone can know what it is and why it is.


At present, the team leader training camp has entered the second stage. Everyone has learned eight courses such as "pre-class meeting" and "production site target management". After the second stage of study, the personnel administration department organized a "learning sharing exchange meeting and Offline training ".

Learning experience exchange and sharing

"I learned more useful courses in the class leader training camp. The first lesson of the course was role recognition, let me know" who am I ", what role did I play in the work, and then slowly bring us into In terms of roles, I learned a lot from the whole course, including interpersonal communication and on-site management applications, so that I can work better and more easily and achieve self-improvement. "-He Huihui


"I learned a lot of management knowledge through the team leader training camp course, and I am impressed with three points. 1. Role recognition: everyone’s role is different, and the responsibilities and obligations are also different. On-site managers need to take on the role of inheritance. 2. Pre-shift meeting: mainly explain the need to prepare in advance to obtain the production status of yesterday, the production plan on duty and important notices before the shift meeting. The work must be completed effectively. 3: As the leader of the first-line production team, the 4M1E of the five major elements in the production site process is carried out on duty every day, as well as the on-site exception handling. Use actual work to effectively improve future work. "-Fu Kun 

"I have always wanted to obtain professional training in team leader management to improve myself. I am very grateful to the company for providing such a learning opportunity and platform. Through learning, I have mastered more team leader management knowledge, such as 4M1E, site management and awareness to the importance of six goals management. Apply the knowledge learned to practical work to achieve the purpose of learning to apply. "-Chen Shu ping

"The team leader training camp is a professional and targeted course, which has a greater effect on our on-site management. Due to the lack of professional theoretical guidance in the work, we often lack countermeasures when problems arise. Therefore, our team should continue to learn and build a learning and professional team.-Lu Yourong


Every member of the training camp actively took the stage to share their learning experience and growth insights. Everyone resonated with each other, and the applause was constant. After the sharing and exchange, the company's managers gave offline training and guidance to the team leader present, so that everyone can further understand and master the management knowledge of the team leader, and understand how to apply theoretical knowledge to practice and turn training into performance and achieve self-breakthrough.

The team leader is the link between employees and leaders, and plays a leading role in the work. As a site manager, you will encounter various difficulties in your work. Only continuous learning and improvement can solve problems, achieve excellent class leaders, achieve self-worth, and contribute your own strength to the company's development.