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With the progress of the training camp for team leaders, we have entered the third stage of curriculum learning. In the third stage, team leaders have learned and mastered the curriculum knowledge of many specialties. In order to comprehensively evaluate the actual effect of the training program, the human resources and administration department organized practical training activities for team leaders to test and understand the transformation and growth of learning achievements of each team leader through practical training.

The practical training courses are pre class meeting and on-site inspection and supervision, both of which are familiar daily work for each team leader, but how to apply the knowledge and skills learned to practice and make the whole pre class meeting and on-site inspection achieve good results is challenging. For this reason, all team leaders have made full preparations. Now let's go into the practical training of team leaders to see their performance. 


In the practical course of the pre shift meeting, each group leader combines his knowledge and carries out four key processes: preparation, collection, summary, planning and motivation, so as to make the whole pre shift meeting standardized and efficient.

In the practical course of on-site inspection and supervision, we also deeply understand that on-site inspection is not just a walk, but a tour with purpose and content. Through on-site confirmation of people, machines, materials, methods and environment, we can find abnormalities in time and make the on-site controlled process.


This time, the team leader practical training formed a jury group with the manager as the member. After the practical training of each team leader, the jury group carried out timely evaluation and guidance. Most of the team leaders are well prepared and perform well, while some of the team leaders are slightly nervous and inadequate. I believe that through this practical training, in the future, in the daily management of the team leader, they will be better and better.


Through the third stage of practical training of team leaders, the management level of basic team leaders was improved, the concept of everyone was promoted, and the lean management foundation was consolidated. Let everyone learn in happiness and practice, better improve the learning effect, output effective results, and achieve the purpose of knowing and doing, learning and applying. 


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