Fire drill
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In order to further enhance the fire safety awareness of all employees, improve everyone's self-prevention and self-help skills, and prevent fire accidents, our company organized a fire drill on June 19.


At 9 a.m., as the alarm sounded, the fire emergency team immediately notified all the staff to evacuate the "fire site" through broadcasting, and the evacuation team, rescue team and medical team quickly rushed to the scene. The evacuation team guided employees to cover the mouth and nose with hands, cloth, clothes and other items and quickly evacuated from the safe exits of the workshop; the rescue team and the medical team treated the "injured" and escaped from the "fire scene" nervously and orderly. After the close cooperation and leadership of the fire emergency response teams, all personnel of the company were successfully evacuated to the designated location.

In this fire drill, we invite an instructor of the fire brigade of the High Tech Zone to attend the teaching guidance. He explained the correct use method and precautions of fire extinguishers and hydrants in detail. Combining theory with practice, we can further understand the fire safety knowledge and master the use method of fire equipment.