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‘An ancient scholar must have a teacher, a teacher, preaching and teaching karma to solve puzzles.’ In order to promote the improvement of employees' job skills and realize the construction of talent team, the company has implemented the "Teacher and Apprentice" talent training activity since October last year. Each production department has formulated detailed training plans based on the actual situation of the job. In order to test the training effect of the second phase of "Teacher and Apprentice", the Ministry of Personnel and Administration organized an apprenticeship skill assessment activity.


This skill assessment was conducted by an assessment team composed of heads of engineering, quality, production and other departments to participate in the assessment and assessment, mainly to examine the apprentices' professional skills and knowledge such as basic skills operation, abnormal handling capabilities, and equipment maintenance. Through a combination of theory and practice, the assessment team has conducted a thorough investigation of the skills learning and mastery of each apprentice. Some apprentices have excellent comprehensive performance and have been unanimously recognized and appreciated by the evaluation team and some apprentices have insufficient professional knowledge and need to be trained and studied again.

After the skill evaluation, DSN evaluation team sorted out and analyzed the results of the evaluation, and gave guidance and suggestions to the department. For the lack of apprentices, we need to strengthen the training, do a good job in the management of teachers and apprentices, and strive to cultivate the staff with excellent professional knowledge and skills.


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