Listen to the thinking of employees - Dasen held an employee forum
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In order to further understand the working and living conditions of employees, build effective communication between employees and the company and management, and create a good corporate culture; and also allows employees to better understand the company's operation and future development direction, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees, the personnel administration department of Dasen organized a symposium for employeeson April 28, 2022.



At the forum, the head of the HR & Admin department gave a detailed introduction to the background and purpose of the forum, and also gave a brief introduction to the future development direction of Dasen. He hoped that the employees could have a deeper understanding of the company and establish their confidence in the development of the company. The employee representatives of all departments spoke enthusiastically, not limited to the theme of the speech, talking about feelings and ideas. They put forward many valuable opinions from multiple perspectives such as company development, cost control, on-site management and corporate culture construction, and expressed the employees' concerns and expectations for the development of the company.



After the meeting, the HR and administration department sorted out the opinions and suggestions of employees according to the content of the forum and the department classification, and submitted them to the general manager's office of Dasen for review, so as to pay attention to and solve the thoughts of employees. Dasen's employees also hope that such seminars can be carried out continuously, so as to promote the sound development of the company and employees.