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The best way to live is to be with a group of like-minded people

Running together on the road of ideal

Looking back, there are stories along the way

Looking down, there are firm footsteps

Look up and have a clear vision of the future

Live here, work here, be happy here!


In order to further strengthen the cohesion and centripetal force of the whole company, stimulate the active force and creativity of the staff, in April, this warm spring season, all members of Dasen Technology in Phoenix Bay Resort to carry out the "concentric peer, integration and win-win" as the theme of outdoor development team building activities.


All the staff unified to take the bus from the company

The natural scenery in the scenic area was beautiful, which attracted everyone to take photos constantly.



We laughed and exchanged joys, shared our happy time together, and the stress in work instantly dissipated.




Outreach Activities

After enjoying the beautiful scenery and food in the morning, our team development activities started in the afternoon.

The whole team formed a small team competition and established their own team flags, team songs, slogans, modeling displays, etc.

Throughout the expansion activities, we cooperated with each other and worked together as a team, showing the full enthusiasm and positive spirit of the Dasen team.



This team building activity, not only enjoyed the beauty of nature, relaxed the body and mind; more let everyone know the meaning of "team", recognize and experience the power of team spirit, fully play the purpose of refining will, transcending self, melting team, collaboration and innovation, so that everyone with a positive spirit, meet the challenges of each day in the future, for the construction of Dasen Technology and unremitting efforts!


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